Method of Peces-Barba

Work is done by appointment. If you come without a referral, the first fifteen minutes will be spent on screening. Hereby it will be checked (by means of questions) whether you have come to the right place at the dietician. The first consultation, the intake, usually takes a little longer. We are introduced to this and I want to know what you expect from me as a dietician.

I also collect information about your complaints, medical history, laboratory data, your nutritional status, eating habits, and personal circumstances. Together we come to an objective of the treatment and a plan of approach. 
Following this conversation, personal dietary advice is prepared. The follow-up consultations are usually shorter and are intended to support the implementation of the advice given in daily practice. 
If it is not possible to come to practice, it is also possible that I will visit you at home. For a home visit, a supplement is charged in addition to the consultation price.

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